How to claim and stake EKTA v2

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    Recover DApp URL (claim, stake, lock your EKTA v2 tokens):
  2. 2.
    Be sure to add $EKTA v2 tokens to your MetaMask wallet. (how to add tutorial here)
    • $EKTA v2 (BEP20) contract address: 0x45808Ce43eb2D7685fF0242631f0FeB6f3D8701a
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    Make sure you're in BSC Mainnet on your Metamask wallet before you perform any of these functions. (how to add BSC Mainnet to your Metamask wallet tutorial here)
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    After you've claimed and/or staked your EKTA v2 tokens, please DO NOT engage in any activity with your old EKTA v1 tokens anymore. These tokens are no longer valid in the Ekta Ecosystem.
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    PLEASE NOTE that when you stake for the stated time period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months) you are locked for that period of time. There is no early withdraw function for the staking pools at this time.
All EKTA v1 tokens holders can use the Recovery DApp to claim and exchange EKTA v1 tokens (BEP20EktaToken BSC contract address 0x2d2dc094218d9608dd2ca15eff8433d8fea0f1c5) for EKTA v2 tokens.
  • EKTA v2 (BEP20) contract address: 0x45808Ce43eb2D7685fF0242631f0FeB6f3D8701a
First, connecting your MetaMask wallet with the EKTA v1 to the Ekta Recovery DApp. To do this, go to "Connect Wallet" and then click on "MetaMask".
Once your MetaMask Wallet is connected, click on "Claim" and fill in your details. Confirm your information by clicking on "Personal information".
You'll then receive a verification code via email. Input the code and click "Submit".
Check the breakdown balance of your EKTA v1 then click “Claim and Stake”.
Be sure to read through the terms and conditions and then click “Confirm”.
Next, you can select the amount of EKTA v2 you would like to stake in any of the locked period pools. The rest will be deposited into your MetaMask account. If you wish to claim and not stake, simply input a zero (0) as the staking amount.
When entering the amount of EKTA v2 that you would like to stake, you'll also be able to see your projected rewards for each of the available staking pools.
To complete the process, click on "Claim and Stake" and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask. You'll receive a notification once the transaction has been approved.