Ekta Whitepaper v2

Team & Advisors

Team & Advisors
Berwin Tanco - Ekta CEO and co-founder
Berwin specializes in developing companies and ventures to unlock their true value and potential. After a successful career in the US and China, Berwin started Equilibria Capital, a property development company in Indonesia. Ekta is the result of his background and the 12 years he has spent in Indonesia.
Yog Shrusti - Ekta CSO and co-founder
A leading technopreneur in the Middle East with 25 years of experience in information technology and digital media, Yog brings a unique combination of business acumen, technical know-how, and online strategy to the Ekta team.
Jason Zheng - Ekta CMO and co-founder
For more than a decade, Jason has worked as the head of marketing, PR, or consulted for consumer tech, AI, and SaaS companies. He’s the current Chief Marketing Office of Ekta, where his knowledge and experience is combined with his lifelong passion for making an impact on people’s lives.
Alex Shapiro - Ekta CTO
Alex specializes in financial software development, engineering, and delivery. His enthusiasm for problem-solving and challenges is what attracted him to Ekta, where he believes his in-depth understanding of the financial world is a valuable asset to help drive change.
Sven Milder
Sven is a serial exit startup entrepreneur, investor, venture builder & real-estate developer. Currently, as Founder Of Pitch House, he and his team has guided dozens of businesses to raise over $65 million. As a partnership value specialist, he will drive collaborations with Real Estate, Startups, NFT & Gaming to the Ekta Platform.
Malindi Strydom
Malindi has an extensive background in marketing, copy, and content writing for fast-growing global brands. Her years of content creation and digital marketing experience make her a valuable addition to the Ekta team.
Renata Papakon
Renata has experience in product marketing and project management across various industries. Her depth of knowledge rooted in marketing strategy and consumer goods background allows her to connect consumers with a seamless product experience. Combined with her passion for environmental conservation, she is an integral part of Ekta and the MetaTrees team.
Yaz Boraie
Yaz has 12+ years of high level experience in strategic partnerships. His diverse background includes a 5 year stint at one of Silicon Valley’s big tech unicorns, as well as executing strategic partnerships for one of the world’s largest hospitality companies in Las Vegas. He has been an avid supporter of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency since 2017.
Mikey Buencamino
Mikey is a veteran in the video game publishing industry for 15 years having launched and managed a multitude of game titles for several genres and platforms. He has a deep understanding of product management, gamer behavior, gamification, operations, analytics, and more.
Alex Hogan
Alex is a Project Manager with over ten years’ experience working on a wide array of projects throughout South-East Asia and Oceania. He is an innovator with a keen eye for detail, advanced problem solving skills and is able to lean on his outside-the-box thinking and long history of delivering time sensitive solutions to help businesses and start-ups succeed in today’s hyper paced world.
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson is a highly motivated self-starter with a background as an HR generalist. His passion for Web 3 has further sparked his interest in strategically empowering leaders and building company culture in a Web 3 remote working environment.
Hannah Khrisna
Hannah is an experienced graphic designer and digital artist working in the marketing field for more than a decade. Her work includes web designs, traditional marketing collaterals, digital marketing assets, and brand development. Her years in digital marketing and working in various industries helped her develop processes that benefit everyone involved in the projects she worked on.
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan has experience solving problems that come with programming and applying his creativity in game design. He focuses on breaking down game mechanics and exploring different solutions to achieve the business goals of the projects he works on.
Baraa Abdulla
Baraa has been working in the gaming, pop culture and Esports industry for more than 10 years as a presenter and producer. Produced a gaming TV show in Bahrain National TV for over 2 years along the positions he holds like news reading, reporting and presenting other TV shows. He is known as a presenter and Emcee for many Esports, gaming, pop culture and other genres of events around the world.
John Lee
John Lee is a long time video games executive with C-level positions at ESL (exit to Modern Times Group), Zenimax Media Ltd (exit to Microsoft) and Gigamedia (NASDAQ: GIGM). Beginning in 2018, John began to invest heavily at the intersection of games and blockchain, which has led to a diverse portfolio of leading DeFi game companies, metaverses and NFTs.
Mirko Basil
A veteran pro gamer and the founder of the Unix Gaming foundation, Mirko’s specialized expertise serves as an insightful guide to the Ekta team. By founding The Unix Gaming Foundation on the play-to-earn concept, Mirko strives to improve people’s lives through the power of gaming.
Rich Robinson As a Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at Peking University's Guanghua Int'l MBA program, Rich brings extensive knowledge to the MetaTrees team. As an entrepreneur-in-residence at Animoca Brands, he helps empower users to leverage digital assets and earn through blockchain games and the metaverses with a focus on play-to-earn.
Shannon Chang
Shannon Chang is a game industry executive with over a decade of experience in tech: adtech, digital communities and marketplaces, game development, and game publishing. She is an investor in seed and Series A tech startups and creates strategic value, builds teams, and drives growth for her portfolio companies.
Steven M. Mihaly
Steven is an entrepreneur by trade, gamer at heart. He brings a wealth of professional experience leading, supporting, and building plans, projects, and people to MetaTrees. As a gamer at heart, and walking proof of the life transforming possibilities with play-to-earn, Steven aspires to be a facilitator of every success journey within this sphere- A leader, a guide, a comrade, a supporter, and friend.