Add $EKTA (ERC20) token to your MetaMask wallet

Step 1: Be sure you're in the Ethereum Network in your MetaMask wallet.​
Step 2: Click on “Import tokens” found at the bottom of the “Assets” section of your MetaMask wallet
Step 3: In “Import Tokens” select "Custom Token" and copy and paste the Token Contract Address of EKTA v2 below into the “Token Contract Address” field. The other fields will automatically show up if you’ve typed in the correct contract address.
  • EKTA (ERC20) contract address: 0x2f75113b13D136F861d212Fa9b572F2C79Ac81C4
Step 4: Click “Add Custom Token”
Step 5: Click “Import Tokens”
You have now successfully added EKTA v2 (ERC20) tokens to your MetaMask wallet.