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Bridge from $EKTA v2 (BEP20) to $EKTA v2 (EktaChain)

This guide will show you how to bridge $EKTA v2 (BEP20) over to $EKTA v2 on the EktaChain network. *Be sure to have already connected to the BSC network and connected your wallet to the DApp
  • Verify the networks and balances that are showing are correct
  • Under the "From" section, enter the amount of $EKTA v2 (BEP20) you would like to bridge over in the "Amount" field
  • Under "To" verify the amount you are bridging and the network you are bridging to
  • Click on the "Next" button
  • Verify that the networks and amounts are correct again, then click the "Approve" button
  • Click the "Confirm" button, after viewing the transaction fee in MetaMask, and then wait for the transaction to be completed
Click the "Confirm" button and wait for the transaction to be completed
  • You will now be able to click "Bridge" at the bottom
  • Click "Confirm" after you view and agree to the estimated gas fees in MetaMask
Verify that you agree with the fee amounts and click the "Confirm" button
  • Wait for the transaction to be completed. Here, you will see your estimated wait time.
  • Once complete, you can click either "view your transaction in explorer", or "Bridge More"
Wait for the transaction to complete
You can chose to Bridge More or view the transaction in explorer

Congratulations! You have successfully bridged your $EKTA v2 (BEP20) over to the EktaChain network!

Your tokens are now safe on our blockchain and ready to be used for any products in the Ekta ecosystem or can be bridged again to another network for versatility