10. Advisors


Baraa Abdulla
Baraa has been working in the gaming, pop culture and Esports industry for more than 10 years as a presenter and producer. Produced a gaming TV show in Bahrain National TV for over 2 years along the positions he holds like news reading, reporting and presenting other TV shows. He is known as a presenter and Emcee for many Esports, gaming, pop culture and other genres of events around the world.
John Lee
John Lee is a long time video games executive with C-level positions at ESL (exit to Modern Times Group), Zenimax Media Ltd (exit to Microsoft) and Gigamedia (NASDAQ: GIGM). Beginning in 2018, John began to invest heavily at the intersection of games and blockchain, which has led to a diverse portfolio of leading DeFi game companies, metaverses and NFTs.
Mirko Basil
A veteran pro gamer and the founder of the Unix Gaming foundation, Mirko’sspecialized expertise serves as an insightful guide to the Ekta team. By founding The Unix Gaming Foundation on the play-to-earn concept, Mirko strives to improve people’s lives through the power of gaming.
Rich Robinson As a Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at Peking University's Guanghua Int'l MBA program, Rich brings extensive knowledge to the MetaTrees team. And as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Animoca Brands, he helps empower users to leverage digital assets and earn through blockchain games and the metaverses with a focus on play-to-earn.
Shannon Chang
Shannon Chang is a game industry executive with over a decade of experience in tech: adtech, digital communities and marketplaces, game development, and game publishing. She is an investor in seed and Series A tech startups and creates strategic value, builds teams, and drives growth for her portfolio companies.
Steven M. Mihaly
Steven is an entrepreneur by trade, gamer at heart. He brings a wealth of professional experience leading, supporting, and building plans, projects, and people to MetaTrees. As a gamer at heart, and walking proof of the life transforming possibilities with play-to-earn, Steven aspires to be a facilitator of every success journey within this sphere- A leader, a guide, a comrade, a supporter, and friend.
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