2. MetaTrees Origins

MetaTrees Origins

In the beginning, the metaverse was formless and empty. There was no light as you stepped into the vast expanse. You thought, “let there be light”, and the empty space lit up. And it was good.
You named it the EktaVerse, and began to create. You started with a single tree, rooted at the center of the EktaVerse, the Genesis Banyan, the tree from which all other trees would source their life.
As you stood in wonder at the foot of this magnificent giant, you remembered the real world where trees were no longer sacred. You remembered the devastations as humans destroyed endless acres of forests, trading the souls of trees for metal and stones. An idea started to take shape in the mists of your mind, "What if your discovery of the EktaVerse could alter the course of the future and help humanity rediscover its place and purpose in the natural world?"
And so you began to fill the hollow emptiness surrounding the Genesis tree with more trees, mirroring the last remaining real-world forests. You added bamboo, banana trees, coconut trees, frangipani trees, mango trees, jackfruit trees, and dragon fruit trees. Each tree was distinct and served its own unique purpose. You noticed that when two trees from different species were cross-bred, they produced new species with their own special characteristics, so you continued to create these trees, filling this new world with wonder.
Soon, MetaTrees took root, leading to a burgeoning of life. All living things started to grow from a foundation of long-forgotten values. Values that could flow back into the real world to reshape our views, societies, and what we hold sacred. You now knew that through the EktaVerse, you could save the natural world and in turn, save humanity's soul too.