3. Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

3.1 The Ultimate Question

The narrative around global environmental degradation always leads back to the question; “Why do people destroy the environment and what can we do to change this behavior?”
Ekta’s goal has always been to create a better world, which is why our team had to analyze this question in depth. In order to initiate change, we need to first identify the root of the problem. We realized that to understand the phenomenon, we had to look at the situation with both scrutiny and empathy. This approach led us to a deeper understanding and new perspective on how blockchain can change our world for the better.

3.2 The Problem

According to David Attenborough's documentary and witness statement "Life on our Planet", human impact on the environment has spiraled out of control. Attenborough states that humans log as many as 15 billion trees annually. Other sources reveal that wild fish populations are in steep decline due to overfishing (it's estimated that up to 2.7 trillion fish are caught each year), and experts believe that between 0.01% and 0.1% of all species on earth become extinct each year.
Attenborough goes on to reveal predictions of this impact on the natural world if we continue on our current trajectory:
  • 2030 - Continued deforestation of the Amazon rainforest will result in dry savannas, altering global rainfall patterns with devastating effects
  • 2050 - As oceans continue to warm, coral reef ecosystems collapse, affecting millions of people who rely on near-shore fish populations for their livelihoods
  • 2100 - With the planet being 4° Celsius warmer, large parts of the world will become uninhabitable. This will lead to extreme weather events, overpopulated cities, and the collapse of food supplies.
These are just the symptoms of the problem that have given humanity no choice but to respond.
We believe the real problem is rooted in economic systems that have led us, for generations, to establish values that are not aligned with the natural ecosystems we are dependent on. Ultimately, we need to reset the current economic systems, realign our values, and carve out a path to solve the root issue.

3.3 Our Vision: Reconstructing the human social value system

Society’s intrinsic values and economic systems determine human behavior.
When people profit from deforestation rather than protecting trees, they will undoubtedly choose to sacrifice forests and natural resources for monetary units. Profit-seeking is the essence of commercial society. Throughout history, people have placed value on commodities that are inessential to human survival such as oil, gold and diamonds, while sacrificing the natural resources we depend on like forests, oceans, and grasslands. Today, people are acutely aware of the threat of climate change, yet even though many have begun to experience the consequences, they continue to destroy our natural world in order to obtain material wealth.
As the human population continues to grow, our natural resources are declining at an alarming rate. It's clear that we need to rethink and redesign our value system, which is why the Ekta team is looking to the blockchain for a solution.
The evolution of blockchain technology and its various functionalities (DeFi, NFT etc.), has created the opportunity for us to reinvent these value systems. With this in mind, Ekta ideated the concept of the EktaVerse.