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4. The Solution - EktaVerse and MetaTrees

The Solution - EktaVerse and MetaTrees

MetaTrees, a blockchain game world that connects the virtual world with the real world, is the first sub-verse of the EktaVerse. With MetaTrees, Ekta aims to incentivise environmental protection through tokenization and gamification. By utilizing the play-to-earn model and transforming it into a PLANT-TO-EARN model, users can help protect the natural world and earn digital assets while playing.

4.1 What is the EktaVerse?

Ekta's ecosystem, called EktaVerse, is yet another way through which Ekta bridges the physical world with the digital world. With the development of the EktaVerse, we’re able to provide out-of-the-box solutions to serve as a blueprint for companies who wish to partner with us. The EktaVerse also facilitates projects where Ekta, its partners, and users, can play an active role in creating profit with purpose.
Through MetaTrees, Ekta can initiate real-world change by tokenizing natural assets such as trees and land. Players start by planting, protecting and caring for the virtual trees in the MetaTrees game-world. As players progress in the game, they will start to develop sustainable, organic agriculture and fisheries, build new communities, incubate advanced technology initiatives, and more. By playing the game, users can earn digital assets and verified carbon units (VCUs). Every VCU earned symbolizes a one-tonne reduction or removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. This is accomplished through Ekta's partnerships with environmental and reforestation projects.
The main focus of the game will be to rethink our societal values, redefine the way we live and restore the natural world to create a society that has a symbiotic relationship with nature. Over time, as the EktaVerse continues to develop, Ekta will gradually unlock new landscapes and worlds like tropical rainforests, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, and more.

4.2 What is the MetaTrees sub-verse?

MetaTrees, a forest reserve scene, is the first sub-verse of the EktaVerse and the first creation game. MetaTrees focuses on planting trees and protecting rainforests, allowing Ekta to spearhead and support reforestation projects in the real world. With MetaTrees, each player and community member will help to establish a new economic order where trees serve as the core asset.
4.2.1 How does MetaTrees work?
As part of the EktaVerse, natural capital like trees, indigenous plants, wildlife, and water will be tokenized and represented as NFTs in the MetaTrees game world. We also plan to add mythical creatures to enhance the gameplay and all NFTs will ultimately become rare digital collectibles. As with other play-to-earn games, players earn digital rewards and collectibles which they can convert or sell for fiat currencies. Through the plant-to-earn economic mechanism, players will be able to get blockchain asset value growth through planting and preserving trees in the real world. And by developing the EktaVerse on the EktaChain mainnet, we have also been able to greatly reduce the gas fees for all operations.
Every player and community member will be able to jointly build and develop this new micronation through the planting, renting and preservation of trees. Moreover, they will be able to earn rewards as well as hold, pledge, trade, and lend NFTs as well as EktaVerse and sub-verse governance tokens. As the game continues to grow, so will the value of these digital assets. The NFTs and governance tokens will also become an economic source that supports us in exploring a sustainable, long-term future.