6. Tokens and Utilities

Tokens and Utilities


6.1 $EKTA - Governance Token

The $EKTA token is the native token of EktaChain as well as the ERC-20 token used in the EktaVerse. It will be the main form of currency in the EktaVerse while also granting holders governance voting power. $EKTA can be staked or used to purchase $MTREE tokens. The total supply of $EKTA has been fixed at 420,000,000 tokens.
  • Utility: (A) DAO governance

6.2 $MTREE - Utility Token

$MTREE tokens are ERC-20 tokens used in MetaTrees gameplay. The $MTREE token is the main form of currency on the platform itself.
There is a maximum supply of 6 billion $MTREE tokens, a number that symbolizes the estimated 6 trillion trees on Earth before human activities started to reduce the numbers. As a result of ungoverned deforestation, it's estimated that less than half the original number of trees survive today.
MetaTrees will incorporate our deflationary mechanism to reflect this loss by burning 1 billion tokens immediately upon minting $MTREE.
We will burn another 1 billion $MTREE tokens over time to support the token value and the activities naturally taking place during MetaTrees gameplay. This brings the total supply of $MTREE tokens to 4 billion, which supports our goal of planting 1 million trees through MetaTrees and the overall Ekta mission of tying profit with purpose.
Ekta aims to facilitate a round of private and public sales on the launch of MetaTrees Phase I.
  • Source: through (A) harvesting, (B) selling NFTs in the in-game marketplace, (C) purchasing with $EKTA (D) lease payments
  • Utility: (A) needed for all in-game actions including Harvesting, Breeding, Variegation, Upgrades, Transfers and Summoning.

6.3 $MTREE Tokenomics

6.4 Genesis Pack

Genesis Packs are used to sell initial NFTs for MetaTrees. Genesis Packs consist of a combination of Land NFTs and Seed NFTs.

6.5 Mystery Chest

A mystery chest is a surprise box that contains various items that are equal to, or greater in value than its price.
MetaTrees mystery chests contain different types of NFTs used in the game. One of the unique items included is a fun cosmetic NFT used to decorate land. This allows players to be creative by adding more character and life to their gameplay.
These Fun NFTs can also be traded and sold in the Ekta and in-game marketplace.

6.6 Tree NFTs

● Components: various types of Tree NFTs and various rarities
○ Genesis tree - Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis)
○ Bamboo (subfamily Babusoideae)
○ Banana (Musa acuminata)
○ Coconut (Cocos nucifera)
○ Frangipani (Plumeria rubra)
○ Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus)
○ Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)
○ Mango Tree (Mangifera indica)
● Source: through Planting
● Utility: (A) Collecting, (B) Growing (C) Breeding, (D) Seeding, (E) Feeding, (F) Upgrading, (G) Donating, (H) Staking

6.7 Element NFTs

● Components: Seed NFTs and Land NFTs.
● Source:
  • Seed NFTs: through (A) Breeding, (B) purchasing Genesis Packs, (C) Seeding, (D) Purchasing with $MTREE via the in-game marketplace, (E) Mystery Chest, (F) Combining, (G) Purchasing with $EKTA via the Ekta marketplace
  • Land NFTs: through (A) purchasing Genesis Packs, (B) Mystery Chest, (C) Purchasing with $MTREE via the in-game marketplace, (D) Purchasing with $EKTA via the Ekta marketplace
● Utility: (A) Planting, (B) Leasing (C) Sold to receive $EKTA or $MTREE, (D) Staking (seed only)

6.8 Natural NFTs

  • Components: Water NFTs, Nutrient NFTs, Fertilizer NFTs
  • Source: through (A) Staking, (B) purchasing with $EKTA in the marketplace, (D) Purchasing with $MTREE via the in-game marketplace
  • Utility: (A) Growing plants (B) Upgrading trees (C) sold on the marketplace to receive $EKTA or $MTREE

6.9 Creature NFTs

  • Components: Humans, Animals, Relics, Structures and Mythic creatures
  • Source: through (A) Packs and (B) purchasing with $EKTA via the marketplace
  • Utility: (A) Cosmetic decorative items placed on land and trees (B) NFT collection of rare and hard to find types (C) sold on the marketplace to receive $EKTA